• Trainees will be introduced to pipe stress analysis and its fundamentals based on the Offshore & Onshore Process Plants industry.
  • The course is designed to allow you to appreciate an actual piping industry experience as a pipe stress engineer as you work through typical stress models with the trainer.
  • Each session is conducted in a discussion format designed to provide intensive instruction and guidance on understanding basic modelling & simplified problem solving.
  • Each trainee is provided with a work machine and a copy of CAESAR II program for use during the course.


Who should attend?

For Piping/Mechanical Engineers who have between nil –1year work experience in using CAESAR II® and also possess some knowledge in Industry Codes & Standards; ASME B31.3, B16.5, ASME Section VIII, API, etc.


In these FOUR (4) consecutive days, you will be introduced to:

  • Objectives and the definition of stress analysis
  • Information required to perform an analysis
  • The code compliances for a system
  • Forces , Moments and Stresses in the system
  • The differences of the sustained, occasional and expansion stresses
  • Using the list editor and the units module
  • Input procedure for external loads, wind and seismic
  • Equipment nozzle checks
  • Structural modelling and analysis
  • Simple supports, spring hangers and expansion joints