• To introduce to the new users the features and application of Codecal in pressure vessel components design.
  • To allow existing users to explore themselves to the software capability in obtaining the cost optimum design, stress analysis, productive way in pressure vessel’s component design.

Who should attend?
New or existing PVElite users who would like to intensively learn the Codecal in pressure vessel’s component design.

In these THREE (3) consecutive days, you will be able to:

  • Perform jacketed vessel design (ASME SEC VII Division 1, Appendix 9).
  • Perform square and non- circular vessel design (ASME SEC VIII Division 1, Appendix 13).
  • Perform floating head with flange design (ASME SEC VIII Division 1, Appendix 1).
  • Perform Appendix Y-Flange calculation.
  • Perform WRC 107, WRC 297/ Annex B and FEA for nozzle local stress analysis.
  • Perform thick and thin expansion joint design.
  • Perform large nozzle opening analysis using Appendix 1-7 or 1-10.
  • Perform lifting lug and turnion analysis.
  • Perform fabricated piping intersection design.
  • Perform half pipe jacket on cylindrical shell.
  • Perform API 579, Fitness for Service (FFS) for static equipment.

(Choose 8 out of 11 titles which suite to your demands)